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Jump Jump and the Ice Queen

Jump Jump & The Ice QueenJump Jump

It's nearly Christmas and a young boy named Tim is worried. Tim is an orphan and his friend Billy is concerned that Santa Claus might prefer to concentrate on "whole families" with mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and may not visit the orphanage this year. To ease everyone's worries, Tim decides to find the answer once and for all. Late one night, he sets off to find Santa by following the North Star through the woods - but after walking for many hours he gets tired and lies down to take a nap. Imagine his surprise when, awakened by tapping on his knee, he discovers a little boy elf not more than three inches high, jumping from one knee to the other and excitedly gabbing in real elf talk! He soon learns that the elf's name is Jump Jump and that he lives at Holiday House, a place where every day is a holiday. Mary Holiday lives there, too -- and she's Santa's own personal secretary! So begins "Jump Jump and the Ice Queen," a children's radio series first broadcast in November and December of 1948. Throughout twenty-five imaginative and fantasy-filled episodes, Tim also meets such unique characters as Achi Paggli, the clown who changes his hair color to match his mood, a lion named Sleepy Sam, who is so lazy that he naps far more than he moves, a moody poet who speaks only in rhyme, and, of course, Santa Claus himself -- who asks Tim and his new friends for help in saving Christmas after the selfish Ice Queen kidnaps his reindeer. "Jump Jump of Holiday House" was first heard as early as 1940, produced for local station syndication by the New York-based Harry S. Goodman Inc. The series was created and written by Mary McConnell and Harry Hickox, who also contributed their performing talents by playing the majority of the characters on the series. Designed to be aired on a five-a-week basis, with local stations lining up their own local sponsors, "Jump Jump" offered a simple concept: each day, the mischievous little elf would be told a fairy tale by his friend Mary Holiday, complete with specially written songs and appearances by a variety of fun and unusual characters who visited Holiday House on a regular basis. Special programs were written to commemorate individual holidays, and a particular emphasis was placed around Christmas, when local department stores could boost their toy sales through promotions related to the program.



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OTR Christmas

Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon
Santa Claus has been kidnapped and Jonathan and his teddy bear, with the help of the Man In The Moon, must find a way to rescue him.

. 5 hours of one of Old Time Radio’s best syndicated children’s fantasy series. Orginating in 1938 , this serial served as a countdown to Christmas Day for millions of listeners.One episode was played for each day starting on Thanksgiving and concluding on Christmas Eve . All 26 chapters are in this collection on 5 CDS

Approximately 5 Hours long, All 26 Episodes that were first broadcast on November 29,1938-December 24, 1938



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